Steph Hasler

Assistant Germany Launch Team Leader

Steph, a native Wisconsinite, graduated with a now seemingly irrelevant B.S in Kinesiology from the U of MN (Minneapolis). She re-located to D.C in 2001 for a short-term, three month job.  Three months soon became 11 years in DC. Joining the National Community Church staff in 2002, she served as a worship leader and Worship Coordinator for all of NCC's campuses. In 2010, after six years of friendship, Steph and her fellow co-worker, John Hasler, got a clue and started dating. It soon became clear that she would be transitioning her role with NCC to join John in heading up NCC's Berlin Location Business as Mission Cafe project in Germany.

Married in November of 2011, they began their married life in Berlin in February 2012.  Steph continues to write music for NCC worship projects, while also writing and performing in the Berlin music and arts scene.  Her heart is to see artists find community and connection to the Creator and also hopes to use her music to spread awareness about social injustices like human trafficking.