If you are new to faith or returning to faith; wanting to go deeper; seeking answers; looking for a safe place to invite friends; or to establish a firmer foundation so you’re more comfortable sharing your faith with others, Alpha is the place for you.

Alpha is centered around a meal, a talk and small group discussion. These discussions are focused on open and honest dialogue regarding questions about faith and what it means to our everyday lives. Differing viewpoints are welcome.

No doubt is too big or question too small.

Visit theaterchurch.com/groups for more details and alpha@theaterchurch.com to sign up.

Our next Alpha course is July 19th at The Miracle Theatre (535 8th St SE, DC, 20003) at 7:30pm. Please simply RSVP at alpha@theaterchurch.com for more information. 

If you are not in the DC metro area, visit Alpha USA to find an Alpha course near you.  If you have questions about Alpha, email alpha@theaterchurch.com.