Every person's faith is an adventure, a journey where we encounter and learn about new things, including ourselves, along the way. No matter where you are on your own journey: questioning faith, returning to faith, or just wanting to go deeper in your faith, an adventure is always better with others along for the ride. In fact, invite a friend!

Alpha is a course that explores the Christian Faith and is designed for conversation, questions, and community around a meal. All are welcome! We meet Monday evenings at Ebenezers Coffeehouse (by Union Station) from Sept 25- Nov 20. Our next Alpha course begins September 25th at 7pm. Please simply RSVP at alpha@theaterchurch.com for more information.

We'd love to be a part of your adventure and to walk along with you in your journey! 

Visit theaterchurch.com/groups for more details and alpha@theaterchurch.com to sign up.

If you are not in the DC metro area, visit Alpha USA to find an Alpha course near you.  If you have questions about Alpha, email alpha@theaterchurch.com.