DC Homeless Challenge Info Session

7:00 PM • Ebenezers Coffeehouse • Google Map

Contact: Allison Moses • allisonemoses@gmail.com

Dare to go out of your comfort zone and and join us as we partner with the National Coalition for the Homeless for a few short days to experience what it’s like to be homeless in DC. You will see the world through the eyes of a homeless person and hear the stories of those currently experiencing homelessness. You will learn what the city has to offer in terms of services and what it is like to sleep outside on the street.

Your empathy will grow and your stereotypes of the homeless will change. God’s heart breaks for the poor suffering right in our backyard. Let’s seek to understand His heart just a little bit more.

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Uprising Youth Winter Escape

4:00 PM • Cove Valley Camp • Google Map

Contact: Steffen Humbert • steffen.humbert@theaterchurch.com

Friday February 12th - Monday February 15th

Cove Valley Camp
5357 Little Cove Rd.
Mercersburg, PA 17236

To register go to ncc.gd/winterescape. Registration is limited and closes Sunday, Febuary 7th. 

- Early Bird - $199 thru Sunday, January 17th
- Midway - $215 thru Sunday, January 31st
- Final - $225 thru Sunday, February 7th

Why do we retreat?
Students are being pulled in a dozen different directions all school year long. Truth can become blurry and pressures can really begin to weigh in. Retreats afford students the opportunity to step away from the distractions to think clearly and experience Christ in a fresh way. Jesus sets for us this example, as He would often retreat to desolate and quiet places to seek the Father and pray (Mk 1:35). If we have one hour of quality investment time with your child each week at Uprising Youth (say roughly 50 hours a year), we will nearly match that time together in just the few days we spend at Winter Retreat. Winter Retreat is a high concentration of community, discipleship and fun!

Why should I send my child to the winter retreat?
When I ask students "so when did Jesus begin to make the most sense to you?" The answer I almost always get is either winter retreat or summer camp! For many, winter retreat becomes the beginning of deeper faith and God-sized dreams! Even when we think about the beginning of our own faith, we are usually drawn to memories of specific environments that afforded us unhurried time to think, breathe and worship. Usually, those spaces included specific people who were bent on showing us more of Jesus. Winter Retreat creates that unforgettable environment and includes those faces that will forever become a part of the future faith stories of our students.

How old does my child have to be to attend?
All current middle and high school students are welcome to attend.

What does the cost of the winter retreat cover?
The cost of the winter retreat covers just about everything: 8 meals, lodging, transportation, all activities and retreat keepsakes.

What is the cut-off date for retreat registration?
The cut-off date is Sunday, February 7th, so be sure to sign-up fast!

Are there any retreat discounts?
The earlier you register, the greater the discount you get for registration. Also, we would hate for finances to discourage any student from attending. If your family would benefit from a partial scholarship, please contact Pastor Steffen at steffen.humbert@theaterchurch.com. Oh and did I mention, students who invite a friend are eligible to get half off the price of their retreat cost or their invited friend’s cost! *Friends cannot be a relative or a friend who already comes to Uprising Youth Ministry.

What will students do while at the winter retreat?
Our winter retreat is created to engage students with the gospel in ways they understand. Students will enjoy nightly rallies, high-energy worship, small group discipleship, tons of fun and other special retreat exclusive elements!

What are the sleeping arrangements?
Students will be staying in cabins. They will be assigned according to their age and gender. Each cabin will also contain 1-2 adult leaders.

Can my child partially attend?
If you or your child has a conflicting obligation or maybe your child isn’t too sure about going on a retreat for three days, it may still be possible for them to attend. Please contact Pastor Steffen atsteffen.humbert@theaterchurch.com for additional details.

Can my child pick who they want to room with?
Students cannot pick who they want in their room. You can imagine trying to accommodate everyone according to his or her rooming preference becomes exceptionally difficult. At the same time, we try our best to organize the sleeping arrangements according to who we know will want to room together. The only exception is if a student brings a friend who does not attend Uprising Youth. We will be sure to accommodate them in their rooming preference.

How will my child be transported to winter retreat?
Currently we will be transporting all students in a combination of vans and volunteer vehicles. All vehicles will only be driven by NCC approved and responsible volunteers.

What will my child eat while away?
Your child will be fed three square meals a day and provided with all necessary nutrition. Please specify below if your child has any specific allergies.

Where can I find a packing list and general schedule?
Pastor Steffen will be sending out both of these items post registration.

How will my child be supervised?
Each student will have an assigned adult small group leader who will be responsible for overseeing their group. All adult leaders have been background checked. In addition, we feel all of our small group leaders have a strong calling to serve students. Our aim is more than just supervision, but discipleship.

How can I see what’s happening while my child is away?
Each day Pastor Steffen will send an email to all parents about what has happened that day and how parents can partner with us in prayer. You can also follow us on Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/Uprisingncc or Instagram @uprisingncc. You will want to pay close attention to the hashtag #uprisingescape

Why is there a required parent meeting video?
We want parents to be completely informed about the details of our winter retreat as well as what to expect from us. In addition, we want parents to have full disclosure as to what we expect from their children as it relates to rules and guidelines.

My child doesn’t know anyone and is nervous about attending, what can I do?
Going on a retreat can be intimidating because your child may not know anyone, or maybe they are unsure and nervous about what the retreat will be like. I have never seen an environment create community like retreats. If your child has great friendships at school or on a sporting team, it is likely because they spend concentrated time in those environments. Retreats provide a similar concentration of time in order for friendships to happen and ultimately become a springboard into building lasting and godly relationships in Youth Ministry. It may just be time to jump in! We are proactive in making sure students acclimate well to new environments and set our retreats up to foster new friendships. Most often, the same students that are nearly dragged to winter retreats are the ones we have to drag home to leave!

Second Saturday Serve February 2016

9:00 AM • Location varies based on campus • Google Map

Contact: Jessie Knowles • Jessie.knowles@theaterchurch.com

Second Saturday Serve is a monthly opportunity for people to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving on various projects and with different organizations throughout the DC/NOVA area with no strings attached.

There are two ways to get involved. First, join us at one of our eight different locations listed below. At each location the various projects are announced, teams are formed by self-selection, and then we head out to serve. To help you plan, click on the location below to view the opportunities to serve or contact that locations lead via the provided e-mail address.

Second, lead a project. Aware of an organization/project in need of some additional support? Have a neighbor in need? Have an idea of a way to serve your community? Let us know about it by clicking here, and together we can make that idea a reality!

Click the link below to find a campus and project to serve with! 

Second Saturday Serve Link

Her Voice: A Conversation about the Refugee Crisis

9:30 AM • The Miracle Theatre • Google Map

Contact: • hervoice@theaterchurch.com

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

In the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today, where is the Spirit blowing? What is God doing? How do we find Him in the midst of it all? Come join women from all 8 of our NCC locations for a time of worship and a conversation about the refugee crisis that has so many of us asking the question, “What do I do?”

*Coffee will be provided.
**ASL Interpreter is available.

Q Commons Washington D.C.

7:00 PM • Miracle Theatre • Google Map

Contact: Juliet Main • juliet.main@theaterchurch.com

Q Commons is a live learning experience that challenges attendees to stay curious, think well, and advance good in our community.

Since launching in 2014, more than 15,000 individuals have participated in 180 Q Commons city events on five continents.  Gather alongside friends, neighbors, and community leaders to become unified, informed and inspired to cultivate good works in Washington, D.C.

Hear 9-minute talks from national speakers David Kinnaman (Barna Group), Andy Crouch (author), and a current events panel via global broadcast alongside three live talks by local experts who are using their influence to address issues impacting Washington, D.C. 

For more information and to register: QCommons.com/WashingtonDC


$49 couple's rate

Watch the IntroducingQ Commons video and learn more about Q.