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NCC offers dozens of opportunities to go on mission—locally, stateside, and globally. Prayerfully consider all the opportunities!
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Serve Together on an NCC Team

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Serve Together: Join an NCC Team!

One of the best ways to meet people, use your gifts, and invest at NCC is to join a team. We have opportunities in so many areas! Test-drive a team before you commit.

YOU are NCC, and your campus needs your talents, your smile, your personality, your heart.
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Here's a great way hit "Refresh" as you begin 2018. Check out these four short-term groups.

To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future
Special Weekend Video Seminar with Dr Dan Allender

7pm-9pm Friday, Jan. 26 and 9am-4:30pm Saturday, Jan. 27 @ Ebenezers Coffeehouse
Cost: $25
Click here to register

Our stories, in all their beauty and heartache, shape and influence every dimension of our daily life and relationships. Knowing the impact of our story and finding God’s redemptive work within it is vital for emotional, relational, and spiritual formation and health. Our culture often encourages us to focus only on the positive experiences and put the painful ones behind us. Far too often, when the true impact of our stories of wounding and heartache go unaddressed, we find ourselves bound to unhealthy and unfulfilling patterns without hope for change. Giving ourselves permission to explore how the goodness and pain in our life have shaped us opens the door to transformation and a deeper capacity for joy, intimacy, and fulfillment. To Be Told is far more than the popularized movement to “know your story.” It is an invitation to truth-telling, healing lament, deep soulfulness, and lasting change.

The Struggle is Real: Food, Porn, and Self-Image
7pm Thursdays- Jan 18 and 25
Ebenezers Coffeehouse
Contact Ryan to register

Food and porn.  Two of the biggest issues people struggle with today.  And two issues that have a profound impact on how we view ourselves. 

January 18:  Food & Self-Image

There are countless voices shouting at us telling us how to look, what to wear, what to eat, what not to eat, and the list goes on and on. There is a daily struggle between what the world wants from us and how God tells us how to live. Remembering we are made in God's image is critical to breaking through the noise and living full and free lives. Join us and our friends from Rock Recovery for a night of teaching that uncovers the root and nature of disordered eating and body image. You'll leave with helpful strategies to break free from food and body image struggles and find peace with your body as God made it.

January 25: Porn & Self-Image

Shifting cultural attitudes have resulted in porn usage becoming normalized and pornographic media becoming pervasive.  Research has demonstrated, however, that pornography destroys relationships, steals innocence, erodes compassion, breeds violence, and kills love. Join us and our friends from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as we explore the science and research behind pornography’s impact on the body, brain, relationships, and culture. PLEASE NOTE:  While nothing graphic will be shown, the nature of this discussion will be inappropriate for young children. Parents, on the other hand, are strongly encouraged to attend.

SHAPE: Discovering God's Purpose in Your Life  - Cameron Goodman and Susan Bell - Jan 20 - Ebenezers
More info coming soon.

The Story 
7-9pm Tuesdays at Miracle Theatre on Jan 9, 16, and 23
Pastor Heather Zempel and Emily Hendrickson
Contact Jodi to register.

From Garden to City, From Genesis to Revelation. Encounter the Bible like never before as we explore the chronological story against the backdrop of its cultural and historical context. Just us as we go through the chronological story of the Bible. Contact: for questions or to RSVP


One Word: Brand-New Single from NCC Worship

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With a whisper You are leading
My heart open now receiving
Have Your way . . . 
Download the brand-new, powerful single from NCC Worship here. 


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Special Guest Speaker This Weekend

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We're very pleased to have special guest Brad Formsma with us this weekend as we continue our Reboot series. Brad is a best-selling author, popular speaker, and the founder and president of I Like Giving, an organization which has inspired and redefined generosity around the globe. 


Zambia 2018 Info Session

1:00 PM • Ebenezer's Coffeehouse • Google Map

Contact: Davina Chu •

Davina Chu and Tim Torres, who are leading the 2018 mission team to Zambia in August, will be answering questions about the upcoming mission at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse.

We will be returning to Chingola, Zambia, in the Copperbelt Province for our sixth year, working with Lusungu Children’s Home and Mercy Kids Africa. We host a vacation Bible school for 100 underprivileged children in the community, many of them orphans and vulnerable children. Working with the children also gives us an opportunity to tutor, teach life and job skills, and provide medical care. If you want to love on children, young and old, or have expertise in social work, teaching/training, medical, agriculture, construction, storytelling or business development we encourage you to become part of this team.

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Jordan 2018 Info Session

1:30 PM • National Community Church (7th St. Office) - Conference Room • Google Map

Contact: Ashley Anderson •

Ashley Anderson, who is leading our Jordan 2018 mission team in August, will answer questions about the upcoming mission at NCC's office behind Miracle Theater.

Join us for our first mission to Jordan, where we will serve in a town whose population has doubled due to the influx of Syrian refugees since the crisis. During our trip we will partner with a local Jordanian church that has been serving the refugee community for the past 5 years. This could include teaching English or professional skills in their community center, distributing material needs, maintaining the church facility, participating in various children’s programs at the non-formal school, and prayer. As the situation on the ground continues to develop, our exact role may change. Potential useful areas of expertise: refugee engagement, Arabic language skills, experience in building interfaith relationships, trauma counseling, photography/filmmaking experience, experience with children.

Israel/Palestine Mission Team Commitment Meeting

2:00 PM • National Community Church (7th St. Office) • Google Map

Contact: Teresa Casale •

Come learn the foundations of peacemaking in the land where Jesus called us to be peacemakers. This mission team to Israel/Palestine will be an opportunity to walk in Jesus' footsteps and place his teachings in the current context of a conflict the world has deemed intractable and hopeless. As followers of Jesus seeking to better understand the formation and resolution of conflict, we will listen to many narratives, including those with which we might disagree; we will explore the realities of daily living in this context; and we will examine our preconceived ideas and assumptions about the land, its people, and what they believe. The team will take place in partnership with local friends The District Church, and Telos - a nonprofit organization that equips leaders to advocate for a pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Telos is building and equipping a network of church leaders who view peacemaking as a core component of Christian discipleship and are willing to be partners for peace, in Israel/Palestine and beyond.

If you're interested in becoming part of this mission team, please join us for our commitment meeting.

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The Justice Experience 2018 Info Session

3:30 PM • National Community Church Office (7th St) • Google Map

Contact: Chris Wells •

Chris Wells, who will be leading this mission in our own city of Washington, D.C., this June, will give full details about this upcoming opportunity at NCC's 7th Street office behind Miracle Theatre. 

The Bible encourages every Christian to love by following the example of Jesus, who left heaven to walk with us in earthly suffering. Inspired by that example, we invite you to join us as we partner with the National Coalition for the Homeless to share in the struggles of the thousands of people who are experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C.

With advice and insights from a guide who has experienced or is currently experiencing homelessness, you will leave the comfort of your home to step into the shoes of someone else. During the course of three nights, you will see the world through the eyes of someone experiencing homelessness, learn what the city has to offer in terms of services, and understand what it is like to sleep on the street, gaining lasting empathy and practical knowledge.


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Honduras 2018 Info Session

2:00 PM • National Community Church (7th St. Office) - Collab • Google Map

Contact: Kelly Hii •

Kelly and Caleb Hii, who are leading our Honduras 2018 mission team in August, will answer questions about the upcoming mission at NCC's 7th Street office behind the Miracle Theatre.

Join us in sharing Jesus's love with communities in Cedeño and Choluteca, Honduras! We will be partnering with Koinonia Children's Ministries to share the gospel with children from several churches in the two cities, spend time with and invest in the little ones in the Ministry's transition home, and work on small-scale construction and repair projects to bless families in the area. This team is a wonderful opportunity to live out Jesus's Great Commission, while growing closer to Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We hope you join us! 

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NCC Youth Winter Escape

4:30 PM • Cove Valley Camp • Google Map

Contact: Steffen Humbert •

A few days away on retreat for all middle school and high school students! Register now.

Cove Valley Camp - 5357 Little Cove Rd. Mercersburg, PA 17236

Early Bird - $225 thru Friday, January 12
Midway - $250 thru Friday, January 26
Final - $275 thru Friday, February 2

Why do we retreat?
Students are being pulled in a dozen different directions all school year long. Truth can become blurry and pressures can really begin to weigh in. Retreats afford students the opportunity to step away from the distractions to think clearly and experience Christ in a fresh way.