The Justice Experience 2018 Info Session

03/11/2018 3:30 PM • National Community Church Office (7th St) • Google Map

Contact: Chris Wells •

Chris Wells, who will be leading this mission in our own city of Washington, D.C., this June, will give full details about this upcoming opportunity at NCC's 7th Street office behind Miracle Theatre. 

The Bible encourages every Christian to love by following the example of Jesus, who left heaven to walk with us in earthly suffering. Inspired by that example, we invite you to join us as we partner with the National Coalition for the Homeless to share in the struggles of the thousands of people who are experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C.

With advice and insights from a guide who has experienced or is currently experiencing homelessness, you will leave the comfort of your home to step into the shoes of someone else. During the course of three nights, you will see the world through the eyes of someone experiencing homelessness, learn what the city has to offer in terms of services, and understand what it is like to sleep on the street, gaining lasting empathy and practical knowledge.


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