Trauma Care Training

6:30 PM • Ebenezers Coffeehouse • Google Map

Contact: Jill Carmichael •

Baseline training for anyone who cares for others. RSVP to Jill.

-How do I recognize trauma?
-How can I best care for a person who has experienced trauma?
-How can I know when and where to refer someone to a professional?

Becoming “trauma-informed” means recognizing that people often have many different types of trauma in their lives. People who have been traumatized need support and understanding. But trauma survivors can sometimes be re-traumatized by well-meaning caregivers and community service providers who are not informed about proper care. This training will teach you about the impact of trauma on co-workers, friends, family, and even ourselves. Understanding the impact of trauma is an important first step for anyone who cares for others in any capacity. We recommend it for everyone who participates in ministry or mission at NCC.