1. The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) currently consists of the Chief Operations Officer, the Executive Pastor, the Discipleship Pastor and the Lead Pastor, as set out in the NCC Bylaws.  The members are appointed by the Lead Pastor and ratified by NCC leadership, which consists of staff members, Small Group, Ministry or A18 missions team leaders, has signed our Leadership Covenant, and has been through our Leadership 101 training.
  2. The Stewardship Team currently consists of three non-staff NCC leaders.  They are appointed by the Lead Pastor and ratified by NCC’s Executive Leadership Team.  All of the Stewardship Team members have served in ministry leadership at NCC and have experience in business or finance.
  3. Every fall, all Budget Managers (staff that manage various departments) submit a budget proposal for the following year.  The ELT and the CFO review the budget line by line and balance what they can based on projected income.  This is then submitted to the Stewardship Team for review and approval.
  4. The Stewardship Team also determines the salaries of everyone on staff.  Previous years’ performance and supervisors' recommendations are submitted to the Stewardship Team for consideration regarding raises and bonuses, but ultimately, the Stewardship Team decides.  For each position, they research comprehensives based on the portfolio, cost of living, and qualifications to determine a salary range, and they also take the person’s experience and education into consideration.
  5. Each year, NCC submits to a comprehensive 3rd party audit, performed by Fitzgerald & Co., CPAs, P.C. The results of the audit are available to NCC leadership, upon request.