After Service Long Story Short Sermon Discussion

Long Story Short

66 books. 40 authors. Written over the course of 1400 years and three continents. By fisherman, tax collectors, shepherds, kings, doctors, political prisoners and political advisers, farmers, and poets. From the wilderness, dungeons, palaces, and prisons. One seamless storyemerges: a passionate God on a relentless pursuit of the people he loves. For 13 weeks, our sermon series will look at the major inciting incidents of the story of the Bible, and we will give everyone a booklet with a reading plan and narration to connect the dots between the major events of the Bible.

If you have a busy schedule during the week but still want to get plugged into community, this is the group for you! Join us as we build community and dig deeper into the Long Story Short sermon series.

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Sunday , 7:00 – 9:00 PM , Weekly
Feb 12 – Apr 23

DC - Northwest - Georgetown

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Rick Ogden
Carlie Mcintyre