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Long Story Short, Study/Discussion, Sermon Discussion, Prayer

66 books. 40 authors. Written over the course of 1400 years and three continents. By fisherman, tax collectors, shepherds, kings, doctors, political prisoners and political advisers, farmers, and poets. From the wilderness, dungeons, palaces, and prisons. One seamless story emerges: a passionate God on a relentless pursuit of the people he loves. For 13 weeks, our sermon series will look at the major inciting incidents of the story of the Bible, and we will give everyone a booklet with a reading plan and narration to connect the dots between the major events of the Bible.

Through NCC's Long Story Short sermon series, we have the opportunity—as a church—to dive deeply into the word of God.  Through this group, we are excited to reflect upon the story God has written in Scripture, the story He is writing in and through our lives, and what this means for us—and to stand with and encourage each other through prayer and fellowship.  We look forward to connecting with you! 

*PLEASE NOTE: our first one or two small group sessions will take place at Hana's apartment in Glover Park DC (2700 Wisconsin Ave NW), and the remaining sessions will take place at Yaa's apartment near Lincoln Campus/U St. (1308 Clifton St, NW). Thank you for your flexibility!   

Group Details

Wednesday , 7:00 – 8:30 PM , Weekly
Feb 22 – May 3

DC - Northwest - U Street
Metro: Green, Yellow @ U Street/Cardozo

Bus: 52, 53, 54, 63, 64, D51, D98

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Hana Viswanathan
Yaa Boakye