Freshmen Of The City

Study/Discussion, Co-Ed

Every year hundreds of young leaders come to DC who want to change the world. But challenges in the workplace and lack of community can derail them from the God-given ideals they arrived with. Freshmen of the City is a semester long experience designed to engage young 20 and 30 something’s who want what they do to matter and learn to live and share their faith for a lifetime. 

Each group is led by a mentor who is a seasoned leader in the marketplace and wants DC to be a place where you thrive, not just survive. Freshman of the City is a place to become rooted in a biblical worldview and a life-giving community as you navigate DC. Visit to register for the group!

Group Details

Tuesday , 7:00 – 9:00 PM , Weekly
Feb 13 – Apr 24

DC - Southeast - Capitol Hill - Barracks Row Theater
Metro: Blue, Orange, Silver @ Eastern Market

Prerequisite: 18-30 and living in the DC area < 1 year

Contact Group Leader


Charles Williams
Lynn and Dave Weatherby