The Coming

Joel Schmidgall

The turn from the old covenant to the new covenant, the hundreds of prophecies finally fulfilled, even our calendar as we know it is all built around one pivotal event: The incarnation. God putting skin on and coming into our world. When He did that, everything changed. Jesus taught us how to love, how to live, how to forgive. He sacrificed his life for us. Our sin deserves death, but he took on death so that we might have life and have it to the fullest. Our great God in heaven stooped down low, down on our level to relate to us. So now, we don’t just have a judge, but we have a mediator. Someone who knows our hurts, troubles, and trials, and promises us his presence in the midst of them. By faith, we have new life…because Christ came. Join us as we search the scriptures to fully comprehend the gift that God has given us.