Love Your Enemy

Joel Schmidgall

The passage we look at today might one of the hardest passages to live out in all of scripture. Jesus combines the common actions of love your neighbor and hate your enemy, and essentially redefines our enemy…as our neighbor. And He calls us to love our enemy. The opening questions is this: Who is your enemy? You might think it’s only that one very evil person you know. But think in more common terms. The co-worker in competition with you, the family member that selfishly puts you aside, the person on the other side of the political aisle, the parent that deeply hurt you. Jesus calls us to love those who hurt us. The second questions is HOW. It starts with correctly understanding love. And then we'll unpack Jesus statement through three applications He gives that are revolutionary to the way we approach tension, conflict, hurt. Jesus cuts a new path for us to walk down. Not fighting back…but not stepping aside. But approaching the enemy with grace and confrontation all at the same time. We hope you’re challenged by this incredibly rich scripture.