Noreen Bryant

Communications Director

Noreen has been writing, designing, and managing communications for her entire career. She started at a large public university (with a famous football team and a not-so-famous but nonetheless stellar English department) and then worked for a nationwide bookstore chain (anybody remember what those are?). Wherever she's worked, she's also served her church in some kind of communications capacity—she estimates that she's had her hands on at least 16,872 church bulletins from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Cologne, Germany. At NCC, Noreen directs ministry, event, and strategic communications.

Noreen has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan. She can be pretty quiet, but if you mention NT Wright, you might not be able to get her to shut up. She also loves Lake Superior, trying new recipes, reading big fat American biographies, and Goetze's Caramel Creams. Noreen and her husband, Bruce, have two grown children, David and Madeline.

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Tim Holland

Social Media Coordinator

Tim Holland works as the Social Media Coordinator in NCC's Communications department. He studied history at George Fox University in Oregon and recently completed a Master's degree in Operations Management through the University of Arkansas.

Tim Holland moved from Seattle to Washington, DC, in 2009 to work as a store manager with Starbucks and immediately found a home at NCC. Halfway through his eight years in retail management, he took a one-year "coffee break" to serve as a protege in NCC's family ministry department before eventually returning to staff to work in the communications department.

Tim met his wife, Laura, in a small group that "argued its way through Romans." It was a perfect match. Laura, who eventually became NCC's Small Groups Pastor, and Tim live in Northwest DC with their daughter, Charli, and son, Eli.

From tinkering with Messenger bots to creating algorithms to track key metrics, Tim loves it all. He also has a special affinity for statistics and Microsoft Excel and dreams of someday going to adult Space Camp. 

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