Jay Jay Janes

Production Director & Senior Production Engineer

Jay Jay grew up all over as a Navy kid. He started touring as a guitar tech and production manager at age 16 and continued until him and his wife Veronica had their two daughters, Eva & Sierra. Jay Jay toured with MXPX and Blink 182, but since 1999 has been working in production in ministry contexts. In his spare time, he loves working on guitars, hanging with his family and eating thai food.

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Justin Cruz

Production Engineer

Justin was born in northern Virginia but was raised in the beautiful town of Katy, Texas.

Growing up in a pastoral home, his passion for production came from helping his father start a church in the northern Virginia area in 2008. He attended Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) to study Music Recording Technology. After NVCC, Justin started working in many churches in the DC Area but has recently found his new home at NCC, excited for how God is working among his people through production. In his spare time, Justin loves to learn about economics, politics, and watch soccer.

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