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A1:8 Mission Team - Waynetown, Indiana

A1:8 Missions Teams, Co-Ed

Date: : July 13, 2019 - July 20, 2019

Cost: $750

Leaders: Pam Gilray and Patrick Gooley

This mission team will take you into the heartland of America where we will focus on community development through building renovations and conversations with the people of Waynetown, Indiana. For the fourth year, we will be joining forces with former NCCers, Brad and Kathryn Eads and their ministry Be the Church. Brad and Kathryn Eads were leading an NCC small group in 2015 when God called them to go back to their hometown of Waynetown, to be the church in the middle of the marketplace. They put their trust in God, relocated, started their ministry, Be the Church, and began working to bring life and blessing to the town.

NCC has come alongside them with annual mission teams to aid in their work. Over the years, our teams have built a community park, renovated the pizza restaurant, built an outdoor pergola, demolished old walls, painted, cleaned, and hosted a community event. We have met the people being blessed and encouraged by all Brad and Kathryn are doing. The 2019 team will continue to renovate old buildings, host a community event, and spend time with the locals. No expertise is required, just a willing heart and good work ethic! Join us as we encourage and support Brad and Kathryn to do the work God has called them to do.



Nov 4 – Jul 31

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