We believe that growing people grow people.

For us to be effective at making disciple-makers, we must be continually growing in our spiritual walk, too. You can think of it a cycle:  your growth will spill out into your leadership of others. Seeking answers to the questions you have will aid your continued growth and help as you step in to help others as they grow, too. We have several ways to help you grow individually and as a leader.


Sermon Discussion Guides

Facilitate conversation in your group or to dive deeper into personal study.

Sermon Discussion Guides

Small Group Coaching

Each small group leader is asked to participate in an official coaching huddle at their location or engage in a one-on-one discipleship relationship.  Our coaching huddles are designed to equip and engage leaders as they creatively lead and disciple thier group.


Make A Plan

Our Small Groups MAPs help groups and individuals create a plan on how they will make friends, make disciples, and a make a difference.  Be intentional this semester and make a plan!