Recommended Curriculum

  1. How To: Raise Up a Co-Leaders
  2. How To: Care for Those in Your Group
  3. How To: Be Invitational
  4. How To: Foster Discussion
  5. Small Group Prayer companion video
  6. Trauma Training
  7. Groups 101
  8. Growing People Grow People
  9. Integrating Prayer Into your Small Group


Bible Study Series

  • NCC's Elements series goes through each fruit of the Spirit. The study includes a Bible reading plan that can be used as a personal devotional tool, curriculum designed to draw out truths found in Scripture and encourage discussion on the application of those truths in our lives, and a "Now what?" question to help put what has been studied into practice. 
  • NT Wright's New Testament for Everyone series is a set of commentaries that are both readable and based on solid scholarship.  There are study guides that go along with the commentaries, but we have found the commentaries to be more useful for small groups.
  • Warren Wiersbe's "Be" Series. The "Be" series walks through each book of the New Testament, teaching us how God interacts with us and how we are to respond to Him and others. The books are short, easy for the semester system and perfect for small group use. Wiersbe has written them as commentaries providing interesting background information in a devotional manner. Questions are included at the end of each chapter. 
  • John Stott Bible Studies. Books to help in depth study of the New Testament. 
  • Lifeguide Bible Studies. Life Guide offers individual books to read side by side scripture. Offerings include books for the Old and New Testament, as well as individual Biblical characters. 


Topical Studies


Sermon Discussion Guides (archive)

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