The Shepherds Joel Schmidgall

The word “hark” originated as a hunter’s term. A hunter would shout “hark” to his hounds to encourage them to follow a scent. To sniff it out and find it’s origin. To “hark back” meant to find the scent once again. A calling back to the trail and a call back to the original scent.

In Luke 2, the shepherds had heard the message of hope before. The prophecy was 600+ years old from the book of Isaiah. It was already stated and people were well aware of it. But in this story, they are being harkened back by God to what they already knew.

Are we ignoring the harks of our day? The Holy Spirit is harking back to us throughout our day. You might have heard the Christmas story when you were 5 years old, but today, God is calling you back.

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