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From Independence to Reliance Joel Schmidgall
From Independence to Reliance Joel Schmidgall

The highest form of status in our nation is not power, it’s not money, it’s not social status, it’s the person that has ultimate independence. Who answers to no one. We spend most of our life working towards complete independence with our finances, with schedule, with authority. But John 15 teaches us that true greatness doesn’t come from detachment, but from attachment to the source of life. Moving mountains is not about our independent abilities, but having faith in God’s supernatural abilities. But the challenge is that we have such a hard time letting go of control. Independence has gone from pursuit to addiction and we have forgotten how to trust and lean into a God who is able. That’s fine, if we merely want to CLIMB mountains. But if you want to MOVE mountains, you’ve got to learn a different way. Join us as we discuss a different way.

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