Gifted to Serve Joel Schmigall

Every one of us is uniquely made and has been given a gift from God. But to steward that gift... is actually to give away. The benefits of doing so are circular. As one of our volunteers Christina White says, “Allow yourself to be poured into and poured out at the same time. It’s a cycle: You give, you get, you give, you get. You’re always in the position to receive but you’re always in the position to give.”

The individual pursuit of happiness is far from the pursuit of meaning. Research shows that the more you pursue happiness, the less you are actually happy. But to pursue meaning is to pursue service. You find meaning in others. So the purpose of our gifts are not intended to satisfy us, but others. But in satisfying others, it brings incredible meaning to us. Figuring out those gifts begins with service. Activating those gifts has to do with the Holy Spirit. We pray that the gifts that lay unidentified or unused within you are ignited into action through this message.

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