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The Work in the Waiting Joel Schmidgall
The Work in the Waiting Joel Schmidgall

There is little that makes us more upset than having to wait. Culture and technology does everything possible to satiate the desire for NOW that we have. But now isn’t always the best answer. God actually has a plan in our waiting. But it’s so hard for us not to give up our wait. But the story of Simeon and Anna teaches us there is something to be found in waiting. That God isn’t just in the reward, but He is also in the waiting. And there’s a big difference between passive waiting and active waiting. God speaks to us, He works in us, He prepares us all in a season of waiting. And at the end of the day, when we embrace this season, God will re-shape your wants, your destiny, and will bring something unexpected into your life that is greater than you can have in mind. We hope you’re challenged to continue to seek God through this encouragement. 

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