Transformation Journey

Transformation Journey

NCC’s Strategy for Local and Global Partnership


Relationship is at the heart and soul of how we do missions at NCC. And relationship, by nature, is cyclical: as we grow in relationship with our partner organizations, we move in ever-deepening circles of understanding and commitment. Our desire is that missions will be a journey of transformation for NCCers, for our partner organizations, and for every person, we come together to serve.

Transformation Journey is our model for collaborating with local and global missions partners. The Journey allows us to most effectively leverage teamwork, technology, shared experience, and funds. Our partners benefit when we come alongside to serve and to learn. We benefit from our partners’ deep expertise in specific causes and cultures. NCCers grow as servants and students as they continue to participate on the journey. We believe that this model opens up the door for untold numbers of to be touched by the transforming power of Jesus!

Our free market missions partnership system is an effective and sustainable method for NCC to be on mission. Even more, it maximizes the impact of humanitarian organizations in our city and around the world.


Exploration and Mobilization

We identify and come alongside global and local partners through a free market system.
What we look for in partnerships:

  • Church-affiliated, gospel-centric
  • Common vision
  • Strength of relationship
  • One of our nine causes
  • Transparent leadership 
  • Global and local integration
  • Evidence-based approaches


Needs and Relational Assessment 

Driven by local leadership, we identify the assets and needs of the community, setting goals for time-bound, measurable outcomes. We seek to define and strengthen mutually empowering relationships.


Trust and Capacity Building

We seek transformation together, fostering trust to create and implement strategy that builds on the assets of the community and helps address their needs.


Sustainability and Multiplication

Physical, spiritual, and social transformation within the community is measurable. The cycle of ongoing transformation includes joint evaluation with local leadership of initiatives that are sustainable and multiplying.