Freshmen of the City

New to the DC Area?

Learn to make DC a place you thrive, not just survive!


Every year hundreds of young leaders who want to change the world come to DC, but unexpected challenges in the workplace and lack of community can derail them from the God-given ideals they arrived with.

Freshmen of the City is a semester-long experience designed to engage 20- and 30-somethings who want what they do to matter.

Each group is led by a mentor who is a seasoned leader in the marketplace and wants DC to be a place where you thrive, not just survive. Freshmen of the City is a place to become rooted in a biblical worldview and a life-giving community as you learn the basics of living and sharing your faith for a lifetime. 

We'll cover topics including career and calling, living on mission, the importance of community, and avoiding the comparison game through practical application and biblically-based discussion.

Who: Those ages 18-30 who have been in DC  < 1 year
Where: The Miracle Theatre, 535 8th St SE DC
When: Tuesdays @ 7 PM each fall (September - December) and spring (February - April)
Email us with questions or to reserve a spot in the next semester.