Core Convictions

National Community Church is a multi-site church meeting in theaters around the Washington, DC metro area.  We have a few  core convictions that drive us: 

  1. The church ought to be the most creative place on the planet.
  2. The church belongs in the middle of the marketplace.
  3. God will bless our church in proportion to how we give to missions and care for the poor in our city.

NCC Manifesto

While NCC is absolutely orthodox in doctrine, we’re a little unorthodox in practice. Every church has the same mission: to make disciples. But different churches accomplish that mission in different ways. Every church should have a unique churchprint and be a unique expression of who God is. Our unique churchprint is outlined in our  NCC Manifesto

We dream of a day when...

As it relates to NCC, we know that God has called and positioned us to reach those who are unchurched and dechurched in the Washington, DC area. We're also passionate about missions.  This year we'll take 25+ mission trips and give more than $1 million to kingdom causes around the world. 

Rather than a traditional "vision statement," we have guiding  God-given dreams that inspire and catalyze us into action.

Our affiliations

National Community Church is interdenominational in makeup and strategically aligned with several organizations: the Association of Related Churches (ARC), the Assemblies of God (AG), and the Willow Creek Association.

Each year we compile an Annual Ministry Report to give our regular NCCers, guests, and anyone who may be interested a glimpse behind the scenes. Our desire is to transparently share our story and our vision.