The Prepositional Gospel

Joel Schmidgall

What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? We’ll explore Jesus’ words on this topic and talk about the call to love.

The scriptures give us a progression of understanding of love. In John 4, we’re taught to "love one another.” In Mark 12, the measure is increased. Don’t just love one another, but "love your neighbor as yourself.” And in John 13:34-35, the measure is increased yet again. Don’t just love one another, don’t just love as you love yourself. But love "as Christ has loved us". Because he knows our love for each other can be imperfect. Our love for ourselves can even be imperfect. But He came to this earth to give us the ultimate example of love. It’s the prepositional gospel:

Coming TO (incarnational)
Being WITH (relational)
Dying FOR (sacrificial)

Jesus gives us a beautiful picture of what it should look like to be known in community.