Amy Wall

Facilities/Property Manager

Originally from WV, Amy went to the University of Fairmont State to play basketball and volleyball and study Technology Education. 

Upon graduation she headed east to Culpeper, VA to work as a High School Tech Ed teacher and a volleyball coach. After one year at Culpeper she transferred to Stafford VA and worked at Brooke Point High School as a Tech Ed teacher where she also coached volleyball, basketball, track, field hockey (basically, whatever they would let her get her hands on). 

Amy received a graduate degree in Education Leadership from the University of Cincinnati in 2010. She thought that her next step in life was going to be to become a middle school principal, but God had different plans for her. After 10 years of teaching and coaching, she escaped that treacherous commute up and down I-95 and took a job with NCC in the summer of 2011.

Art Tapera

Preventative Maintenance Coordinator

Art's Mom used to (and his family sometimes still) calls him Artie. He is the middle kid of three and grew up in PG County, Maryland for the most part. Art was a YMCA kid... playing six sports a year! He even learned how to walk by chasing a soccer ball. Art self-proclaims he's in recovery from being unreasonably competitive. He's joyfully married with 5 kids ranging from 1-24 years old.  He is a martial artist who enjoys a well-placed axe kick as much as kimora tap out! Art's other passions include building and creating something useful out of nothing but raw materials. Art says, "I love the freedom I have found in pursuing Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I am God's workmanship. I am a work in progress."