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Are there any special plugins needed to view the content here?

Nope. To access the text- and image-based content, there are no special plugins needed—you only need a modern browser.


But your browsing experience can be enhanced by using Flash, a technology that creates rich media on the Internet.

One part of the site that does require the Flash plugin in order to be accessed, is our on-demand media section, including our video webcast. However, we offer a video podcast subscription that can be viewed using common media players if you do not wish to use the Flash plugin.


On a more technical note, browsing with JavaScript enabled will also enhance the experience here, but it's not required.

For the record, 

Additional Help

We realize this page lacks comprehensive assistance for the site, but you can help. Send us your comments and questions so we can better serve you.

If you run into a problem with something here, get in touch with our Digital Pastor, Matthew Ortiz (