Prayer at NCC is not just an activity that we do,
it defines who we are.

Prayer is how we connect and grow in friendship with God. It’s in prayer that we are healed and set free. Through prayer, we get to partner with God’s heart, love and purposes to see His kingdom come to our lives and the lives of our families, neighbors and nations.

Every Jesus-follower has been invited into a unique, one-on-one relationship with God through prayer. We encourage you to be spending regular quality time hearing from and talking with God every day. As part of the NCC family, here are other ways you can engage with prayer. Questions? Please email

  • Learn How to Pray

    New to praying? Here’s a short script you can follow.
    Greet God – Remember, you are talking to a person. How might you address God? God. Father. Friend. Almighty. Holy. Savior. Redeemer. You may address Him differently depending on what you want to talk to Him about.
    Express Gratitude – Tell Him what you are thankful for.
    Request Help – Tell Him what you are concerned about. Remember, the simple phrase “help me” is sometimes the most powerful and honest prayer you can pray.
    Listen – Jesus wants to talk to you! Prayer should never be a one-way monologue but an on-going conversation, and that means we have to pause long enough to listen. While His voice is often inaudible, it comes to us in unmistakable ways—first and foremost in the Bible but also in feelings deep in our gut and the voices of friends who follow Him.  

    Prayer training is offered through these small groups.

    • Prayer 101 Course
    • Basic Training for the Prophetic
  • Need Prayer?

    Topics can include issues such as identity and restoration, careers and calling, relationships or brokenness, grief and loss, shame and anxiety, understanding prayer and the Spirit and more. 

    Weekday Prayer Ministers

    Meet one-on-one with an NCC Prayer Partner (an experienced and trained layperson). Email

    Pastoral Prayer Appointments

    One-on-one, one-hour prayer appointments with a pastor. Email Pastor Heidi.

    Sozo Inner Healing Prayer Appointments

    If you are looking for inner healing and deliverance, a Sozo prayer session might be right for you! Sozo helps get to the root of issues hindering your personal connection with God or others. Sozo is simple, Spirit-led and effective. It is not counseling, but a time of interactive conversation with God, with the help of trained prayer ministers. Sozo appointments are roughly 2 hours and are with trained and experienced 2-person teams. They are completely confidential. Email

    Submit Prayer Requests Anytime

    Email us. NCC prayer teams cover each request.

    Get Prayer at Your Campus

    To receive prayer after services, look for the prayer team with the green ASK badges. A trained member of the Prayer Team will pray with you on the spot!

  • Pray for Others

    Serve by joining one of these prayer teams:

    • Virtual Intercessors (via Google Hangouts)
    • War Room Intercession Northwest DC
    • War Room Intercession Capitol Hill
    • Weekday Prayer Ministers Team
    • Campus Prayer Team
  • Pray Together

    Deeper Worship and Prayer

    Powerful monthly prayer gatherings at The Miracle Theatre.

    Watch for the next Deeper Worship and Prayer event