Following Jesus

Doing what Jesus did


"Jesus said, "Follow me." Seems simple enough. But unlike those first disciples, we can't simply trail behind the physical footsteps of Jesus. So what does it look like to follow Him? Religion is often focused on what we've done wrong and driven by a list of rules for right behavior. Following Jesus is focused on what He's done right and motivated by a desire to know Him more. Ultimately, following Jesus simply means doing what Jesus did the way He did it.



New to following Jesus?

Welcome home!! You have just made the most important decision you’ll ever make!
Contact your campus pastor or a member of the Connections Team and let us help you get started on your new life! 

We want you to feel at home here at NCC and we are committed to doing everything possible to make you feel like you can call NCC your home. You are welcome here and we recognize you did a BIG thing by walking through the doors of our campus.



Next Steps

Visit the Connections Table at your campus. We want to make sure you get your own Bible and a copy of the Next Steps guide. You can complete this workbook on your own, but we encourage you to do it with a friend or two, or with an NCC small group.


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Have you been following Jesus
for a while?

God created us to support, encourage, and rely on one another. Following Jesus is not about how deep you are but how deeply connected you are with others.

When we gather as a church community, it is an opportunity for us to learn about God as His hope is proclaimed; it is a time to experience the presence of God in worship; it is an environment in which we can connect to and support one another; and it is a launching pad for serving one another and the world.

You can’t go to church because you are the church.


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