NCC Kids

Welcome to NCC Kids!

We believe each child is created to have a relationship with God and with unique talents and abilities to influence their world and community. Our hope is that each child will have an insatiable interest to be a part of God’s Church. One of the ways that we do this is by creating a fun and exciting environment during our services with worship, a meaningful lesson, games, and activities. We connect each child to a small group leader who is investing in their lives several times per month!

We recognize that no one has more influence over a child than his or her parent. Because of that, we believe that what happens at home is even more important than what happens in the hour we spend with kids during church. We are committed to partnering with parents by providing a plan that gives the tools they need to support their kids spiritually. Be sure to grab resources at our check in table and check the NCC calendar for upcoming events. Visit our Parent Resources tab for more information!