Podcasting is a form of media delivery that allows you to subscribe to a feed and automatically receive audio and video files of our weekend messages. If you aren't sure what podcasting is and would like to learn more, skip to the how-to below.

Audio Feed

We offer two options for subscribing to the audio version of our podcast:

The audio version of our weekend message is the simplest media option. The audio files are in MP3 format and are not as large as video files.

Video Feed

We offer several options for subscribing to the video version of our podcast:

Small Video

Standard Definition Video

High Definition Video

The video version of our weekend message offers the richest media experience. The video files are in MP4 format and are larger than the audio files. You might also enjoy viewing our on-demand video webcast. There is also an on-demand audio version.

For media on your own device, the podcast is your choice.

How to Receive Our Podcast

First of all, it's important to note that you do not need an iPod or any other portable media player to enjoy podcasts. The name podcasting can be confusing in that regard. The only requirement is a computer with an Internet connection and a set of speakers or headphones.

The majority of podcast subscribers use Apple iTunes to manage their podcast. iTunes is an excellent media player that works really well on the two most popular operating systems, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. In fact, iTunes has a unique podcast directory built right in. If you use iTunes, just select your choice of the "One-click" links (audio | video) to access our subscription page. Select "Subscribe" and you are all set. iTunes will manage the podcast files for you. Of course, feel free to dig through the help files on iTunes for ways to enhance organization and enjoyment.

If you don't use iTunes, there are many options for retrieving and storing podcasts. You might start by taking a look at Juice, an open-source podcast receiver. It's been around for some time and it has a strong feature set. Also, you might enjoy the Wikipedia entry on podcasting.

Our Digital Pastor, Matt Ortiz(matt.ortiz@theaterchurch.com) currently manages the podcast and webcast. If you have any problems subscribing to, retrieving, hearing or viewing media, please send Matt an email note. Or two.