Mission Teams

Why Join a Mission Team?

Acts 1:8 commands us to go. And we go as students, not saviors. A mission team is not a short-term experience, but a long-term relationship that allows us to partner with, learn from, and serve our brothers and sisters around the world. The result is that our lives are never the same.

Explore 2019 NCC Mission Teams Here

How to Join a Mission Team

  1. Explore: Spend some time praying through our 2019 Mission Teams.

  2. Email: Email the mission teams you’re interested in with any questions you have, and to find out the date of their next info session.

  3. Apply: After prayer and attending an info session, fill out an application to join the team.

  4. Join the Team: If you're accepted to the team, you'll attend a commitment meeting. You'll then attend several team meetings to get you set up to raise funds, learn more about the culture you'll be stepping into, and grow together as a team.