Want to Lead?

Interested in Leading a Small Group?

Small groups are the primary way that we disciple and care for NCCers. In essence, our small group leaders are some of the front-line pastors of our church, so there are a few things we ask them to do to make sure that they're prepared both spiritually and practically to lead.
Before leading, we ask that new leaders: 

  • Be a part of an NCC small group for at least one semester.
  • Complete our Leadership Application and online New Leader Training. (Takes approximately 4 hours.)
  • Meet with a member of the Discipleship Team to review and sign the Leadership Covenant.

Once you're a leader:

  • Meet with your leader huddle three times per semester.
  • Attend NCC Leadership Summits (three per year).
  • Maintain active communication with your Small Group Director at your location. 

The Leadership Covenant forms the foundation for our community of leaders. Everyone from Pastor Mark to our newest group leader signs it. It's not meant to be a weed-out mechanism, but rather something we're striving toward and agree to be held accountable.  If you want to lead, we would encourage you to review it first.  

If you are interested in leading a group, please contact the Small Group Director at your location.