Compassion and Justice
in Action


Address poverty by 
ASSISTING the poor and oppressedAddress suffering by 
CARING for the sick and sorrowful Address brokenness by 
TRANSFORMING through reconciliation.


Local and Global Causes

Modeling our lives after the ACTs of Jesus, we seek to fulfill the call of Acts 1:8 through nine core causes we believe are central to our participation in God's mission in the world.

There are an estimated 40 million slaves today worldwide, including those trapped in sexual exploitation and labor trafficking. Serve with our partner organizations to help eradicate slavery.

Partner with families and organizations to ensure that all children grow up in environments where they can thrive.

One of the goals of living on mission is to develop long-term relationships, not short-term projects. Through knowing our neighbors by name, we can help meet needs within our own communities.

We are called and compelled to share the good news of Jesus in word and deed wherever we are. Whether in our workplace, in our neighborhoods, or coming alongside NCC partner organizations around the world, we live out our faith so all may know the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Through local partnerships, we are serving those living with HIV/AIDS. Through international partnerships, we are supporting work to provide clinics and health education.

We have been serving those experiencing homelessness since 2004. We began by meeting people where they are with lunch and conversation. Over the years, our investment has evolved but we continue to remain committed to building relationships with individuals.

As ambassadors of reconciliation, we will continue to seek peace and justice through the ways of Jesus in places of extreme violence and conflict in our city and around the world. Areas of focus include Israel and Palestine, DR Congo, South Africa, and racial reconciliation in our own cities.

By partnering with local and international organizations, we support efforts to develop sustainable solutions to material poverty locally and worldwide.

For refugees resettling in our community after enduring tremendous loss and hardship, we work and pray for comfort and peace. We reach out to the vulnerable and marginalized, providing loving care, generous support, and meaningful collaboration with other engaged agencies and partners



Transformation Journey: Our Strategy for Local and Global Partnership


Our desire is that missions will be a journey of transformation for NCCers, for our partner organizations, and for every person we serve. Learn more about our partnership system.

We invite you to be #OnMissionEveryDay with us.