Leadership Resources

Short videos and articles to inspire and equip you as you lead your small group

Getting Started

Whether this is your first time leading a small group or your first time leading one in a while, we know getting started can lead to some questions. Check out these resources to get some tips, techniques, and thoughts about practical ways to prepare for your group.

Disicpleship Elements

We talk a lot about making disciples because this is a charge we've all been given. We've attempted to break down a few elements to help you better understand how to make disciple makers.

Group Dynamics

Any time you're in community with people, it has the potential to be messy. That's okay! We've provided some resources to support the more common situations small group leaders run into. And even when things are going great, it's important to continue to grow as a leader and grow as a group. We have you covered!

Leadership Lessons

We believe that growing people grow people. We all have areas where our continued learning will help our leadership and those we're leading within our groups.